COMP.DSP 2010 Conference

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Richard (Rick) Lyons: "Reduced-Delay Data Smoothing"

Richard (Rick) Lyons: "Improving FIR Filter Coefficient Precision"

Vladimir Vassilevsky: "Communication and Location Under the Ground (VLF Technology Tricks)"

Vladimir Vassilevsky: "HALOS: a Homemade Embedded RTOS for DSP Applications"

Al Clark: "Magnitude squared method to solve a collection of arbitrary functions"

Al Clark: "Multitone signal generation"

Maurice Givens: "Remote Sensing of Impacts With Non-Gaussian Distributions"

Maurice Givens: "Analysis of Two Adaptive Filters in Tandem"

Grant Griffin: "Life Without Matlab: DSP System Design and Analysis On The Cheap"

Grant Griffin: "Introduction to Python"

Clay Turner: "Digital Resonators"

Dale Dalrymple: "Windows Connections"

Eric Jacobsen: "Digital PLL Design and Analysis Topics"