COMP.DSP 2010 Conference

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The following is the preliminary list of the folks who already expressed the desire to be at the conference:

Name Company Presentations

Rick Lyons

Besser Associates

"Reduced-Delay Data Smoothing"

"Improving FIR Filter Coefficient Precision"

 Richard Lyons is a consulting Systems Engineer and lecturer with Besser Associates in Mountain View, California. He is the author of Understanding Digital Signal Processing 2/E (Prentice-Hall, 2004), and Editor of, and contributor to, the book Streamlining Digital Signal Processing, A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook (IEEE Press/Wiley, 2007). Lyons is the creator and Editor of the "DSP Tips & TRicks" column in the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.

Al Clark

Danville Signal

"Magnitude squared method to solve a collection of arbitrary functions"

"Multitone signal generation"

Vladimir Vassilevsky


"Communication and Location Under the Ground (VLF Technology Tricks)"

"HALOS: a Homemade Embedded RTOS for DSP Applications"

Maurice Givens
Gas Technology Institute

"Remote Sensing of Impacts With Non-Gaussian Distributions"


"Analysis of Two Adaptive Filters in Tandem"

Grant Griffin
Iowegian International Corp.

"Life Without Matlab: DSP System Design and Analysis On The Cheap"

"Introduction to Python"

Clay Turner
Pace-O-Matic, Inc.   "Digital Resonators"

Dale Dalrymple  Novatron "Windows Connections"

Jerry Avins

  I am a retired EE. I worked at RCA Laboratories until GE bought it and closed it. I have always combined electrical and mechanical projects. I spent the last several years there as an in-house consultant on instrumentation and control, and as part of a team that designed and built specialty equipment not commercially available. My particular specialty was digital electronics, which I learned before integrated circuits were available. I built the first digitally-controlled machine at the Labs, and that pegged me as the digital expert. My ability to make an RS-232 connection work led me into the consultancy. I had no more formal training in DSP than I did in digital circuits. (In college, we studied the phantastron and bootstrap sweep generator, with tubes, of course.) My last employer was Siemens Corporate Research.
When I retired, I bought a DSK as a toy, and came to comp.dsp to learn how to use it and to better understand what DSP is all about. I found that although I has much to learn, there was also much that I could teach those just starting out. I like the people there and became a regular.

Rob Gaddi
Highland Technology  

Daniel Umbach Takata  

Christopher Felton PMC-Sierra  

Eric Jacobsen
 Abineau Communications  "DPLL Analysis "

Yuriy Khapochkin Vermeer  

Cale Benton Yates III IEEE KC Section Vice Chair

Vitaly Shevkunov Seismic Source